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Dorianne SagerDorianne Sager received her Masters of Journalism from the UBC School of Journalism in Vancouver, BC in 2000. She also holds an Honours BA in Japanese and Religious Studies from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where she learned one should never choose a major while hung over. She has also lived in Montreal, Japan and the Channel Islands before briefly settling down with her husband in London, UK between 2000-2002. While there she worked for various UK magazines, including Maxim, Telegraph Magazine, Code, and PC Gear. Sager was a launch editor for EMAP's women's web portfolio, heading up the online versions of Red, more! and ELLE UK and was a contributing writer for New Woman. Her work has also been featured in the Globe and Mail and Western Living.

With a baby on the way, Sager and her husband returned to Vancouver where she wrote the successful humor column, Baby Steps, for the Vancouver Sun. Despite being a self-proclaimed non-expert on parenting and admitting her only qualifications for the job are a sense of humor and a strong stomach, she still managed to find an appreciative audience for her parenting stories.

Sager has been in training most of her life to be a writer, jotting down her observations about life as her parents, afflicted with a terminal state of wanderlust, dragged her around the Caribbean and Australia during her formative years. She may blame them for ruining her adolescence, but hey, at least they gave her plenty to write about.


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